About Save Our Rhino

RhinoThis is a South African website for all who care about the dwindling Rhino population in the world. We are like-minded people who got together to be the voice of the rhino: to support campaigns locally and internationally which could help stop poaching; to endorse the support of approved organisations;  to bring you relevant news; to educate and supply information to the public and to encourage our readers to help us disseminate information.

Our vision is to have the Southern White Rhino reclassified as Appendix I and to continuously pressurize the government to get their house in order, regarding Rhino and other animals poached in the national parks and privately owned reserves and farms.
We are opposed to rhino horn trade, a proposal by government and certain players in the private sector which we feel will lead to the extinction of rhino because of certain factors: a huge, growing potential East Asian market, the dynamics of which is not understood by local trade proponents, the medical ethics issue, lack of political will and the crime and corruption involved in wildlife trade.
In 2014 we lost over 1215 precious rhino, and the future looks bleak, with the total this year escalating. Please share our posts to increase public awareness. We are conservation minded, so we will feature other African endangered animal species facing extinction as a result of poaching or other reasons.

Save Our Rhino was started as a Facebook group in 2009 when two rhino were poached in the Krugersdorp Game Park. A search on Facebook revealed nothing about rhino poaching or anti-poaching groups. The original founder was appalled by the cruelty and torture afflicted on these animals and felt this should be brought to the attention of the public – hence the start of Save Our Rhino, the first such group.

Our Motto:

“The strength of the team is in each individual member…the strength of each member is in the team.”